Islamic State is Getting People High!

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The next time you’re puffing away on that dooby or sucking back a cone or two, you might want to think about where that sticky-icky came from.

Lebanon has seen a dramatic growth in marijuana plantations and larger crops being taken as a result of the black flag being raised across neighbours Syria and Iraq, as well as Syria’s civil war.

With the insurgence from Islamic State (IS) in Syria and Iraq neighbouring countries are concentrating more on bolstering their boarder protection, and not on the ill-gotten gains happening within their own boarders.

Surprise to say that the people who are growing the drug have hit hard times (not because they’re getting high own their own supply… hopefully) and receive little too any, help from the government.

Much is the same with the poppy field farmers in Afghanistan.

More than 3 million people have fled Syria’s civil war and with Lebanon’s government facing the stress of dealing with copious amounts of people arriving, maybe a puff or two on the green might do them some good.

With unrest in its bordering countries not slowing down plans have been presented to legalise the farming of Cannabis in the hopes the government will see the benefits of taxing the lucrative crop.

IS has a strong stance on prohibiting drugs and its hatred of the US is unparalleled, little does it know, it is facilitating the growth of weed and maybe even helping Americans get a little bit higher.

[via Daily Motion]

Jamie Kennedy | News Cult