Captain America 3 To Sign Iron Man’s Robert Downey Jr

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It’s not a mistake or a hallucination Marvel Studios is planning an epic battle between Iron Man and Captain America, and it makes Tony Stark (Iron Man) look like the villain of sorts.
Is this a battle to save the Free World? Saving the planet from marauding  maniacal alien powers?
NO! it’s a political debate gone off the rails. No, really it’s about POLITICS !
Tony Stark and Steve Rogers violently disagree about a the Superhero Registration Act, which requires all those with superpowers to reveal themselves to the government, and basically allow themselves to be drafted into an army or supernatural police force.
It’s a civil liberties issue; lines are drawn, sides taken, buildings destroyed and superhero fisticuffs ensue. Iron Man and whoever is on his side, chase  the Cap and other Superheros who have gone on the run  for draft dodging.
This merger is meant to usher in an exciting uplevel, of new  movies from Marvel in the future. Final negotiations are moving quickly to secure, Downey’s billionaire inventor Tony Stark for the third movie, in time for a Spring 2015 production start.
Production is scheduled to start soon. Hopefully the movie can meet it’s May 2016 release date.
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