20 Ways to Step Up Your Selfie Game, as Told by a 20-Year-Old

It has recently come to my attention that one of our beloved News Cult staff members has an unbelievable Instagram selfie game. Selfie after selfie … after selfie, our Social Media Editor managed to get it right every single time. So, obviously there wasn’t much left for me to do other than ask her how the hell she pulls this phenomenon off.

And of course, now I’m here to share her tricks of the trade with all of you. Here are the 20 ways to step up your selfie game as told by a 20-year-old:

  1. Study celebrity selfies such as Kim Kardashian, see if you can strike a pose like them.
  2. Practice said pose.
  3. Figure out what angle works best for you.
  4. Always take pictures from that angle.
  5. Try to take a picture with natural sunlight.
  6. If if comes out bad, take it in a dark room and brighten the photo later.
  7. Practice a solid hair flip.
  8. Don’t be afraid to takes 47 selfies at once, it gives you more options.
  9. Find the line between a smile and a scowl.
  10. When posting selfies, never hashtag #nofilter because you’re probably lying.
  11. The best filter is X-Pro.
  12. If all else fails, Valencia.
  13. Never forget to check yourself out in the mirror before you start.
  14. Silly selfies look thirsty.
  15. Don’t look thirsty.
  16. Don’t use mirrors.
  17. If you’re arm is short, have someone else take selfies of you.
  18. Preferable you’re mom because she’s not allowed to judge you.
  19. Selfies with sunglasses always come out good.
  20. Use multiple filters if need be.

Gayana Sark | News Cult