Why Waiting Until Marriage is a Thing of the Past

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Patience is a virtue, but if you don’t want a divorce, it may not be the brightest idea. Of course, that doesn’t mean that you should jump in bed with someone seconds after you lock eyes from across the room for the first time. Wait until you’ve been on a few dates, fall in love, or make it official—whatever milestone you deem most important. No matter what you decide, you should never feel like a bad person for fulfilling your needs before you fill out your marriage license. Here are a few reasons why it’s okay to shed your chastity belt:

1. Sweating Away Your Stress

Don’t assume that The Big Bang Theory is the only thing that can relax you, because an orgasm will certainly do the trick. After feeling the intensity of intercourse, you’ll never want to hear a laugh track again. Sex is proven to reduce headaches, help relieve cramps, and even lower blood pressure. All in all, orgasms are pretty damn magical.

2. Realistic Expectations

Don’t raise your expectations too high, because your first time won’t be exactly like you imagine. You can set candles and play Drake to make it special, but blood and pain will ruin the romance. Even if you go slow, the experience is going to be a bit uncomfortable until you get used to it. Your second, third, and fourth time will be way better.

3. Learning What You Like

You have to love your body and let others do the same. If you never explore it, you’ll never figure out what you enjoy and what you can’t stand. There are feelings you’ve never felt before that you deserve to experience. The sooner you know what you like, the happier you’ll be.

4. Prime Time

You’re younger now than you’ll ever be again, and probably in better shape, as well. Do you really want to waste the best years, when your legs are strong and back is flexible, on abstinence? You might as well show off your skills while you can.

5. Happy and Healthy

If you’re unhealthy, this is the most exciting way to exercise. You’ll tone your arms, legs, stomach, and thighs without even realizing what you’re doing. I mean, would you rather drag yourself to the gym, where you have to pay for membership to sweat on the same stool fifty other people sweated on, or bang the love of your life?

6. Perks of the Present

You won’t be sentenced to the guillotine for losing your v-card before you receive a wedding ring. Most people in our century won’t judge you based on your sexual activity, and those who do aren’t worth your time. We all have the freedom to choose what to do with our own bodies, so stop worrying about what others will think.

7. Cliché about Couples

You should have sex while you can, because if what most husbands say is actually the truth, then you won’t be doing it once you’re married. Once those “I dos” slip out of your mouths, it’s all downhill from there. You’ll never get naked again.

If you’re able and willing to wait until marriage, don’t let anyone convince you to do otherwise. It’s honorable to have strict morals to abide by as long as you’re not shaming anyone else for their decision. Just hold hands in harmony and keep the peace.

Holly Riordan | News Cult