Texas Governor’s Race: Wendy Davis Ad Uses Wheelchair to Criticize Paralyzed Opponent

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Some things are certainly off limits for people to poke fun at, especially a person who is paralyzed. Wendy Davis, however, may have to gotten that memo. She is attacking her partially paralyzed Republican opponent Greg Abbott in the Texas governor’s race with an ad that features an empty wheelchair.

“A tree fell on Greg Abbott. He sued and got millions. Since then, he’s spent his career working against other victims,” a narrator says of the wheelchair-bound Abbott.

Abbott led Davis 54% to 40% in a recent CBS/New York Times/YouGov poll, and there are few signs she’s likely to close that gap before the November 4 election. If you want to get ahead in the polls, perhaps the best way to do so isn’t by hitting your opponent where it hurts (no pun intended).

Abbott’s use of a wheelchair has been featured in some of his own ads including a biographical spot where he says he rolled up a parking garage’s ramps to strengthen his arm after a tree fell on him in 1984, leaving him partially paralyzed. In another, he says, “a guy in a wheelchair can move faster than traffic on some roads in Texas” as he touts a transportation funding plan.

[via CNN]

Monica Adams | News Cult