Real Life American Horror Story: Terrifying Clowns Spotted in California Town of Wasco

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It’s the year of the clowns.

American Horror Story knows and it seems like a group of pranksters know it too.

The town of Wasco, California, has found themselves in the center of a cruel or hilarious, depending on your sense of humor, prank involving a group of clowns.

In the past few weeks Instagram and Twitter profiles have popped up belonging to the clown. He routinely posts photos of himself creeping around the town’s local landmarks after dark.

He may have originally scared the people in the town with his disturbing appearance, but now the residents have grown accustomed to his shenanigans.

“Some of the residents go in cars searching for him. They have flashlights and try to spot him in neighborhoods after he posts to Twitter,” Noah Sanchez told local news stations KFO. “It’s kind of fun, though, to get us in the Halloween spirit.”

Hopefully no one in that town is a coulrophobe, this would be a horrible place to scared of clowns.

[via People]

Tatiana Pile | News Cult