Listen Up Men: Here’s Your Style Guide to Fall Jackets

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Bros! It’s autumn and as I have come to expect, you guys are thinking about jackets to buy. Smart minds think alike. Tired of your XL snowboarding jacket doubling as your everyday coat and looking like a yeti out of his element? I totally understand, let’s try something more casual. There are a ton of sick looking jackets retailing now, before the season picks up.

Leather Jackets

Being the dude I am, this past September I picked up an imitation leather and knit jacket from Zara for 120$ early. It’s an interesting dark green and easily the best article of clothing in my wardrobe at the moment. I have gotten nothing but compliments from friends/girls and wearing it around the city I straight up feel unstoppable. Toughness aside, the jacket is also a comfortable fit.  While I was shopping at Zara, I noticed around eight different jackets on display. Quilted, leather, trench they’ve got you covered. In general, Zara is within means for attire that is a step above H&M in both material and style. There is a grey reversible with a beige collar for 190$ being advertised on their website presently that might just be the one you envisioned. If you’re in New York, head on over to their locations at 39 W 34th St. or 500 5th Avenue some time and check what they have out.


If you want more of an American and easy-going edge to your outward expression, Gap is supplying. The chain hasn’t really strayed from their classic approach to clothing over the years due to how well it still sells. Being 21, I’ve started to depart from Gap for say J. Crew but as of late I have been really impressed with what they are releasing. Inside their stores its jean and trucker jackets galore, at reasonable pricing too. If you’re into brown, cop the Sherpa 1969 denim jacket. Throw that bad boy on and I swear the rugged character will just come through. Listed at just 98$, this option is a money saver for the guy who wants to cover a chick’s tab on a Friday night.


More so an outdoorsmen than a metrosexual? Go through the Northface’s catalog. Well known for their quality fabric, you can count on a Northface jacket to last. Northface offers mostly fleeces and puffers though so you’ll have to be near to a ski lodge to make total sense, but hey that is just my take on it. You want to rock that at the diner on a Sunday morning as you unwind after another hilarious weekend with your crew? Then that is all you man.  If you do decide on that route, peep the apex elevation jacket selling for 200$. A tad pricy, this jacket has color combos that pop and are equipped with a ton of pockets to hold your elusive car keys. I’d go with the dark purple/grey and red silhouette because it just works.

Embrace the cold boys, its coming. Get your jackets before you’re stuck out there with just a sweatshirt on. Trust me, you are definitely going to need a jacket to hold you down, because judging by the chill outside its going to be a long ass winter.

Christian Westermann | News Cult