Wonder What Ever Happened to Shia LaBeouf?

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The upcoming Fury actor recently came on The Ellen DeGeneres Show with a new beard and some new insight on the “interesting” shenanigans he’s been up to the past year, like when he wore a paper bag over his head at a red carpet event or tried to start a fight outside a strip club.

“I went through like an existential crisis, which turned into kind of like some exploration, really,” he said. “I had some hiccups, you know. Some judgment errors.”

LaBeouf didn’t stop there, though, as he proceeded to thoroughly explain his “judgment errors.”

Due to the negative backlash online for his ludicrous behavior, LaBeouf created a controversial performance piece in L.A., titled “#IAMSORRY,” where people could come and talk to him – or whip him.

“Yeah, we had a table with all these implements,” the Transformers star explained. “You know, there was like an Indiana Jones whip and some pliers…”

To his surprise, no one “pulled off his fingernails off” and hurt him:

“So, I thought for sure people were going to come in and be super mean from what I’d been reading. But it wasn’t that way at all. It was very human. Once they got in there everything changed. They stopped looking at me as like an object they started looking at me as like a human.”

However, his cathartic art piece wasn’t enough to fix his bad boy ways. When DeGeneres asked him what got him to change, LaBeouf bluntly responded, “Jail.”

After causing a scene at a Broadway performance of Cabaret, with reports of him smoking inside and interrupting the show, he went to jail for 24 hours.

“That’s long enough to know you don’t want to be in jail,” DeGeneres quipped.

It wasn’t his first time but definitely his worst. LaBeouf acted so poorly in jail, he had to be put in a “Hannibal mask and a led jacket.”

“I spit on a cop. That’s a no, no,” he admitted. “That was crazy, man.”

Maybe he just needed to spend some more time digging holes?

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