This Awful Alternative Ending Will Definitely Ruin the ‘Titanic’ For You

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An atrocious alternative ending for James Cameron’s Titantic has surfaced out of the deep depths of the internet. It was an extra on the DVD released in 2005, but who really watches those anymore?

While many had hoped Rose would stop hogging the wooden float and the two lovebirds would live happily ever after (because let’s face it, there was plenty of room on that floating door), the extra video keeps the two apart but makes things a whole lot cheesier.

Instead of just ending with elderly Rose symbolically throwing the extremely expensive Heart of the Ocean into the sea, they decided they needed to spell things out for us and make things much, much worse.

In the new ending, as Rose is about to toss the necklace, Bill Paxton and friends try to stop her.

“Look Rose, I don’t know what to say to a woman that tries to jump off the Titanic when it’s not sinking and then jumps back on when it is,” he says as if he’s reading a teleprompter.

Rose awkwardly laughs and provides some lifelong lesson about choosing experience over materialism before playfully flinging it over her shoulder.

Then, as the overly dramatic music builds, Bill Paxton learns his lesson and laughs with Rose more about it, because they know this alternative ending is such a complete joke. This needs to immediately go back to the undiscovered subreddit for cringe-worthy videos where it most likely came from. Why, Cameron, why!?

Megan Plevy | News Cult