Feed of Amanda Bynes Going Bonkers, Now Under Involuntary Psychiatric Care



TMZ reports that Amanda Bynes has been admitted to psychiatric care for up to 72 hours after arriving in L.A. today. Instead of going to meet her attorney, Tamar Arminak, and parents at The London Hotel like she thought, her car service took her directly to hospital in Pasadena to meet her lawyer and doctors to place her under involuntary hold, which can be extended for up to two weeks.

Sources tell TMZ that, “there will be a move to get another conservatorship.” See a video of Bynes arriving at LAX here.

Tweeters across America have been thinking the same thing: What is Amanda Bynes on?

Despite feeling betrayed about her parents’ attempt to obtain “mental help” for the starlet, as Bynes puts it, one might get the sense that something else is going fundamentally wrong with her.

Judging by her tweets, it seems there are two possibilities: she really does need mental help, or she’s on drugs. No matter which way you look at it, she can’t help but come off as desperate for attention.

Tuesday, it was all quiet on the Amanda Show:

Then, yesterday, Amanda was peeved about bad tabloid press:

This morning, she really kicked off:

And, then, in a turn of events:

Sorry, Dad?


Later, Bynes said this to former Britney Spears manager Sam Lufti, who was given a restraining order against the pop star, and against others before her:

Recently, Bynes had been favoriting Lufti’s tweets, including these two:

He also tweeted on September 30, “Mental illness is nothing to poke fun at.”

In response Perez said, “Seriously, Amanda, gurl this guy is NOT good news! Look how much better Brit-Brit’s life is without him! He’s nothing but bad vibes!”


Zachery Bridgeman | Newscult.com