Katy Perry Announced as Super Bowl XLIX Halftime Performer

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Everyone who watches the Super Bowl (which is everyone) has been waiting for a performer that can compete with what Beyonce pulled off during the halftime show a couple of years ago. Well, Super Bowl XLIX may have just found the solution, Katy Perry. The bubble-gum pop queen has been rumored to be performing at this years Super Bowl for quite some time. Now, it’s official.

The Super Bowl airs on February 1st on NBC. Page Six reports, an entertainment insider stated the following: “A deal is being hammered out for Katy to play the Super Bowl.” The halftime show is sponsored by Pepsi, which has previously worked with Perry to promote her film “Part of Me”.

Music trade Billboard has pointed out that Perry, “has a big gap in her tour dates around the Super Bowl”. Seems like somethings definitely brewing.

Katy Perry’s nearly confirmed performance may bring a little bit of good news to league. Something they desperately need after the months of domestic violence allegations, and tons of bad press.

[via Page Six]

Monica Adams | News Cult