Google Voice Personal Assistant Trumps Siri and Cortana by a Longshot

google voice

How often do you use Siri? How often do you use Siri and she actually works–the first time? Since her inception user have complained about just how bad Siri twists our sentences.

According to a new study by SEO consulting agency Stone Temple, Siri works about half the time. The study involved a comparison between the digital assistants Google Voice, Apple’s Siri, and Microsoft’s Cortana, during which all three were issued a series of 3,000 questions and recorded how accurate their responses were.

Judging by the results, shown below, Google Voice blows the other services out of the water.


As Eric Enge of Stone Temple put it: “Google Now has a clear lead in terms of the sheer volume of queries addressed, and more complete accuracy with its queries than either Siri or Cortana. All three parties will keep investing in this type of technology, but the cold hard facts are that Google is progressing the fastest on all fronts.”


Zachery Bridgeman | News Cult