A Glass Of Wine Is A Girls New Best Friend

Let’s be honest, a glass of wine is a girl’s best friend. The proof? Well, the TV industry has already introduced two powerful women who like to imbibe in a glass of wine now and again, and while they may be fictional there is a lot of truth in the love between a girl and her glass of wine. Olivia Pope in Scandal is always seen with a glass of wine in her hand when she is trying to work out a problem. Alicia Florrick in The Good Wife can also be seen sipping on a glass of wine once in a while. What is the common denominator between these two women and drinking wine? The fact that they have that same pensive look when they take a sip from that glass of wine is what unites them. The same look that you probably have when you’re drinking that long awaited glass of wine.

A glass of wine now and again isn’t bad. In fact according to Yale-New Haven Hospital a glass of wine can actually keep the doctors away. The antioxidants in wine, called Flavonoids, reduce the risk of coronary heart disease in three ways; they reduce production of low density lipoprotein (LDL- “bad” cholesterol), they increase the high density lipoprotein (HDL-“good” cholesterol), and they reduce blood clotting. Although this gives you a pass on drinking wine it does not mean that you can start binge drinking it. Women benefit by drinking one glass a day, and men can also benefit from consuming one to two drinks a day.

So what makes wine so perfect for a girl? Wine is to girls what beer is to guys. We need that glass of wine to unwind after a tough day at work, to relax, or just to celebrate. Study shows that drinking a glass of wine releases endorphins giving you that “feel good” feeling and therefore reducing your anxiety and stress levels. Considering the fact that not only is it good for your health and it also makes you feel good, why wouldn’t we indulge in a glass of wine now and then?

So the next time you drink that glass of wine, you’re not only relaxing after a stressful day but you are also taking steps to get healthier. So let’s toast to the fact that we can now indulge in a glass of wine without feeling guilty.

So what about you? Do you gravitate towards a glass of wine after a tough day?

Laysha Duran | News Cult