45 Thoughts That Go Through Every 20-Something’s Mind When They lose Their Phone


This is the definition of a “First World Problem” and while I’m almost embarrassed to compile the following 45 thoughts—it’s simply part of the world in which we live.

So what if our generation compares losing a cellphone to losing a limb? That’s not dramatic or materialistic at all! Have you ever really taken the time to see just how much a smart phone can do? Those things are incredible.

  1. Shit! My phone is gone.
  2. Let me call it
  3. *pauses to listen for the ring*
  4. I left it on silent
  5. Where was the last time I saw it?
  6. Has it been stolen?
  7. Is my password easy to figure out?
  8. What if someone hacks my e-mail?
  9. Or my bank account…
  10. Or even worse…
  11. My Facebook
  12. My Instagram
  13. My Twitter
  14. Do I have naked pictures saved on there?
  15. I don’t even want to think about that
  16. Do I still have a warranty?
  17. No, that ran out 3-weeks-ago
  18. Do I have insurance on it?
  19. No, of course I don’t.
  20. Let me retrace my steps
  21. I wonder how many texts I have
  22. How much money will it cost to replace it?
  23. Too much
  24. I don’t have that kind of money
  25. Can I use my old blackberry?
  26. *dreaded sigh*
  27. Maybe I don’t need a phone
  28. It’s actually kind of nice to be left alone
  29. I could get used to this
  30. What about work?
  31. Maybe I could just have a separate phone for business calls
  32. What about my mom?
  33. She’ll be upset if she can’t contact me
  34. Okay, so just a phone for my mom and work
  35. I’ll have to access my e-mails from my computer
  36. It will be like 2004 all over again
  37. I didn’t have an e-mail in 2004
  38. Stop distracting yourself
  39. Where the hell did I put this phone?
  40. It’s gone—forever
  41. I’ve checked everywhere 100 times
  42. Wait, did I install that Find My Phone App?
  43. No, I didn’t.
  44. It’s not in my car, purse, pocket from last night, laundry basket—
  45. Let me look under my bed—could it be….yup, there it is.

Melissa Copelton | News Cult