U.K. Tourist Ray Cole Spent 20 Days in Morocco Jail for Being Gay

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Ray Cole, 69, is greeted by family members at Gatwick Airport as he returned from Morocco following his release from prison on Tuesday. Why was he jailed in Morocco? For being gay. Cole was a British tourist visiting Morocco when he was arrested and sentenced to four months in prison for being a homosexual.

Being gay is a crime in the North African country of Morocco. Cole spent 20 days in the Moroccan jail, but was released on Tuesday after lawyers lodged an appeal. After Cole was reunited with his family, he said, “It’s not a prison, it’s a concentration camp” in reference to where he was being held.

Cole was in Marrakech visiting his Moroccan friend, Jamal Jam Wald Nass. The two were arrested at a bus stop on Sept 18. after a photograph of them together was found on Cole’s phone and used as evidence of homosexual acts.

[via NBC News]

Monica Adams | News Cult