NYPD Officers Revealed to Have “Pistol-whipped” a Brooklyn Teen



Yesterday DNAinfo New York revealed footage which shows two New York City police officers pistol-whipping a Kahreem Tribble, 16, who tried to comply peacefully when the pair encountered him. The video shows Tribble, who is said to be found with 17 bags of marijuana, first attempting to jog away from the officers, but then surrendering himself with his hands up. In response, one officer punches him in the face, while the other hits him in the face with his gun. Tribble, who was processed with cracked teeth and bruises, pleaded guilty to a violation.

It seems that the national outrage in Ferguson did not really affect these police officers, who are currently under criminal investigation, nor the incident in July which involved an NYPD officer choking a man to death.

Relavant authority figures are trying to ensure the public that the matter is being taken seriously and being looked into, both by NYPD’s Internal Affair Bureau and Ken Thompson, the Brooklyn District Attorney. Thus far, the NYPD has said that one of the officers has been suspended while the other has been given a modified role and relieved of his gun and badge.

Mayor Bill de Blasio responded to the events on Tuesday: “I see these videos as another piece of information that we need to use to improve the relationship between police and community and in many cases to heal the relationship between police and community.”

That may be the case, but many likely do not perceive these videos as a chance to “heal the relationship between police and community,” but rather another example of how many in the police ranks have no respect for the rights of minorities in the NYC community.

[via MSNBC]