North Korean Admits to Having Labor Camps

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            The truth always manages to surface, even in the Democratic People’s Republic of North Korea. Although known for some time by Western media, tonight North Korean diplomats have finally acknowledged the presence of labor camps in their country. This announcement was brought on by a previously published UN human rights watch report for North Korea in 2014. It’s clear now that the UN’s rhetoric has gotten to them, but this admission by the North Korean government is a brazen attempt to summarize decades of human rights violations.

In answer to the UN’s findings, North Korea declassified its version of its record of human rights abuse giving us this big reveal. Hey claim that the camps are meant to reform individuals through hard labor. Given the regime’s historic manipulation of all aspects of North Korean life, the camps factor in as a route towards “re-education”. Second to the existence of these camps, is the surprise that North Korean officials have agreed to meet with EU representatives in Brussels to start an open conversation on human rights.

Things are definitely shaky in North Korea, with leader Kim Jong-Un’s health status and position to lead questionable. Coming clean about the labor camps, located along North Korea’s countryside, is yet another stage in this year-end unravel. One thing is for certain however, we no longer have to guess about what goes on in North Korea.

[via Independent]

Christian Westermann | News Cult