Kobane: US and UK Warn of Air Strike Limitations

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The United States as well as the United Kingdom have warned that air strikes alone will not prevent Islamic State fighters from seizing the Syrian town of Kobane. ISIS militants have been slowly but steadily creeping on Kobane to overtake it.

According to BBC, A Pentagon spokesman said the US and its allies were “doing everything we can from the air” but there were limits to what the campaign could achieve and similar views were expressed by British Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond.

A Kurdish leader in Kobane said ISIS had entered two more districts overnight, bringing in heavy weapons. The rising tensions  were caused between the Obama administration and Turkey, a NATO ally, over who should take responsibility for helping to save the town.

The Islamic State made gains overnight despite heavy American airstrikes over the past three days, and senior administration officials expressed growing tension with Turkey’s refusal to intervene.

“Of course they could do more,” a senior official said. “They want the U.S. to come in and take care of the problem.” The administration would also like Turkey to be more zealous in preventing foreigners from transiting its territory to join the Syrian militants.

[via Washington Post]

Monica Adams | News Cult