‘Arrow’ Season Premiere Review

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The CW’s brilliant Arrow began its highly-anticipated third season Wednesday evening. The past two seasons witnessed Oliver Queen’s sudden return and adjustment to life as a masked crusader. Season three seems to hint if he is able to have both worlds: Oliver’s and the Arrow’s.

Since the imprisonment of Oliver’s nemesis Slade Wilson, Starling City experienced a wave of peaceful prosperity. The Arrow’s championing against crime formed a new partnership with Starling PD. And with his secret safe with those he loves, Oliver and the gang seek some normalcy.

The Lances are prospering as Laurel is back prosecuting and her father upgraded back to detective. Diggle and Lilah are preparing to welcome their bundle of joy. Roy has joined team Arrow as red-suited archer Arsenal. And Felicity has possibly found love in the least expected person: Oliver.

Normalcy will have to wait as a new threat with a familiar weapon – the drug vertigo – wreaks havoc. With his guard down, he and Felicity are vulnerable to a horrid attack. It leaves him questioning if he can ever be just Oliver Queen. Away from the dangerous streets, Oliver fights a charming new suitor – Ray Palmer (Brandon Routh) from purchasing Queen Consolidated. He also finds Ms. Snow quite amusing.

Aside from the present-day, flashbacks again play a pivotal part. Set five years prior we see Oliver’s life after the island. He was recruited rather forcibly by Amanda Waller in Hong Kong. The reasoning is yet unknown.

In normal fashion the heroes win this battle, seeing a return of Laurels’ sister, Sarah aka Black Canary. A calm sweeps over as Diggle welcomes his baby girl. And Oliver gives a second thought to life without the mask. And then our season plight is set: a figure from Sarah’s past murders her with three arrows to the heart. Everything changes.

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