Amanda Bynes is Back: This Time She Tried Stealing $200 Hat from Barneys New York

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Security stopped the once crazed Amanda Bynes, as she was walking out of upscale New York institution Barneys New York with a stolen hat. According to police, the incident happened at 2:30 p.m. on Wednesday. She told the guards that she accidentally left with the hat to avoid the frenzy of fans around her.

Bynes has since been banned from the store. According to the Daily News, the guards called off the cops when Bynes agreed to sign a no-trespass agreement and never return to the store, cops said.

On Tuesday, Bynes tweeted her return to New York City after a California hiatus that involved a brief stint in rehab.

“I’m transferring to NYU or Columbia from FIDM to study psychology, so you’ll see me in New York if you live here but I HATE stalkers!,” the starlet tweeted.

[via NY Daily News]

Gayana Sark | News Cult