10 Things That Slap You in the Face When You Graduate College

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When graduating from college, few have an accurate sense of what exactly life has in store post-academia. We are here to help. Below, find all the essential disclaimers you need to know.

1.    You realize you spent a butt load–about $200,000 for some NYC students–for a degree, a label essentially, which still does not get you a job for months to come. And even that job sucks.


2.    Study abroad could’ve been your one chance to travel internationally at a good price, and with your friends no less. You now realize that if you want to take that trip to Barcelona in the next ten years, you need to start saving now.

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3.    You no longer have access to student discounts and drink specials.

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4.    You realize at least half of your friends move away, and others you don’t see as much. Eventually many of your old friends are replaced by new ones.

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5.     You can eat whatever, drink whatever, and still feel and look amazing, even the next morning.

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6.     Bills? What are bills? The only money you ever needed was for food, laundry and booze.

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7.      You have more natural energy than you likely ever will, and you actually don’t need to drink 3 redbulls each day. At this point you can pull all nighters.

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8.      You no longer have classes or campus events to go to, and it’s no longer super easy to meet new people.


9.      Just because you graduate college does not mean you have any idea what you want to do with your life.


10.      You encounter more people that you simply can’t stand. Fortunately, you get better at dealing with it.

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11.      You make a lot of terrifying mistakes. The hard part is learning to get over them and accept that it’s all part of the process of growing up.

Zachery Bridgeman | Newscult