Watch Sam Smith, One Direction, Elton John and More in BBC’s Magical ‘God Only Knows’ Cover

Screen Shot 2014-10-08 at 1.25.45 PM

Chris Martin, Sam Smith and Dave Grohl singing in the same music video? No, this is not a dream. BBC got some “help from a few friends,” a.k.a. every talented soul in music, to team up for their newest BBC music launch video.

With over two-dozen assorted musicians featured during The Beach Boys’ recreated single “God Only Knows,” there is someone for everyone to love – and sing along with.

As a full classical orchestra sets the stage, the video begins with Pharrell doing his usual classy thing. Normal, right? But then, things get really trippy. Elton John has butterflies fluttering on his suit, Lorde flaps her Merlot-stained angel wings and The Beach Boys’ own Brian Wilson seems inexplicably unfazed by the enormous tiger jumping on his piano. And that’s only in the first minute.

This is followed by Florence Welch (from Florence and the Machine) singing to jungle leaves, Kylie Minogue floating away in a bubble and Stevie Wonder serenading sparkling diamonds in the air.

Sure, most of this bizarre video makes no sense, but neither does this star-studded Impossible Orchestra, as BBC has named them. Would Dave Grohl ever want to sing with One Direction in any other situation? Probably not, but that’s what makes this video so unique and perfect for BBC’s new music venture. With such a diverse array of talent saturated in this video, it seems anything can happen, like Kylie Minogue bouncing in a bubble or Lorde sprouting wings. If these artists from such different musical backgrounds can work together to make something beautiful, then the possibilities in this psychedelic world of music are endless.

Megan Plevy | News Cult