‘Scandal’ Star Kerry Washington Reboots Film Career

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Shhhh! don’t tell star-maker, Shonda Rhimes that her lead leading lady, #Kerry Washington finds the hit drama Scandal is not enough.
#TGIT (Thank God It’s Thursday) center piece Scandal has to share it’s  star……as  Ms Washington  revives her film career….. such as it was.
In a time before Scandal (imagine that…a time before Scandal) Kerry maneuvered herself into The Fantastic Four movie and it’s sequel, in addition to Mr and Mrs Smith with Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. Moving along on her upward trajectory came TV’s guilty pleasure Scandal and swiftly thereafter Kerry filmed Oscar nominated Django Unchained. A decade before that was a another small part in a  successful teen rom-com“Save The Last Dance” with Julia Stiles.
Deadline.com reports Kerry is all in for a romantic comedy titled “Is He The One”.
The premise of the of this movie, is a formulaic rom-com at best a complete bore at worse….. Beautiful successful woman wonders the morning of her wedding, did she make the right choice in groom. Que the requisite flashbacks, and journey down the-nothing-but-trouble path, of ill timed bridal over analysis. By movie’s end the movie-goer finds out which, of three men ends up the winning groom at the alter.
The Best Man and The Best Man Holiday director Malcom D Lee will do the directing honors.
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