Holiday Gift Headstart: Philips Hue Starter Kit

philips hue

If you’re trying to get a step ahead on your holiday shopping this year, a fun, unexpected gift to buy for a friend or loved one (not to mention yourself) is the Philips Hue Starter Kit. This product is for anyone who 1) is a kid at heart 2) wants fabulous color lighting at parties or at any time or 3) simply desires easy-access light remote control from a phone or tablet.

The Philips Hue Light Bulb is a wonderful way to bring some color and personality into your home. The bulbs are inserted into regular household light fixtures and are controlled by the remote App, accessible to iphone and Android users alike. The starter kit set up is painless and includes the Hue bridge, three light bulbs, ethernet cable, and power adapter, combined for $199 at Bestbuy.

The package is a solid deal given the ease with which you control the lights from the app. You can place the light bulbs throughout your home, using preset scenes such as “Sunset” to fill your entertainment room with fiery colors, or the electric blues of “Deep sea.” Other features make it easy to simply “Concentrate” or “Relax,” and you can customize your own color sets with 16 million colors from which to choose. Brightness can be regulated by the app, as well as tone and contrast, and the bulbs themselves last for an eternity.

What’s especially fun are the downloadable extension apps via the Android phone. The Trigger app, for instance, permits you to control the lights by tapping “trigger” spots–stickers you place on the wall–such as when leaving your apartment. Not only that, other Philips Hue apps allow you to schedule light changes so that lights come on automatically when it’s time to wake up, or dim when it’s time for bed.

Some apps are themed based, such as Hue Disco, which synchronizes changing lights to any music being played aloud. Fireworks for Fourth of July or birthdays and the spooky Halloween app come with accompanying sound effects and are useful to have on stand by year round.

You’ll probably want these for yourself before gifting them to someone else, but if you’re looking to buy a fun tech gift for a friend, you can’t go wrong with this kit.

Zachery Bridgeman | Newscult