Enterovirus D-68 is Spreading: 5 New Confirmed Cases In NJ, First Death Confirmed

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According to CBS local, there are five other new cases in New Jersey bringing the state total to 14. The State Health Department says for medical privacy reasons, it will not be providing additional information about the children.

Enterovirus D-68 causes respiratory symptoms such as coughing, runny nose, sneezing and body and muscle aches. It can also causes low grade fevers. Enteroviruses are transmitted through close contact with an infected person or by touching objects or surfaces that are contaminated and then touching your mouth, nose, or eyes.

Enterovirus is spreading rapidly throughout many other parts on the United States. Cases have been reported in Florida, Philadelphia, New Jersey, North Carolina, and many more. The virus seems to affected children far more than anyone else.

Yesterday,  USA Today confirmed the first death due to Enterovirus was a preschooler in New Jersey. Eli Waller, 4, died in his sleep on Sept. 25, according to officials. Test results over this past weekend confirmed the virus, said Hamilton Mayor Kelly A. Yaede, who was one of a group of officials who informed Eli’s parents of the results.

Gayana Sark | News Cult