Dreams Come True as Flying Car Deemed ‘Production Ready’

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After almost 15 years of developing, testing and manufacturing, a Slovakian firm believe they have cracked the code for a flying car. The Aeromobil is capable of both road and air travel. While in the air, it can travel a distance of 430 miles at a maximum speed of 124mph. When road travel is required, the wings fold into the vehicle, putting to rest worries of taking up an extra parking space for each wing. It also uses regular gas, so it can be fueled at every gas station.

Tatiana Veber, a spokesman for Aeromobil described part of the journey towards the success of the product:

“‘Our first model looked quite bizarre and it would have problems in the regular use. That was a signal to improve the concept of the flying car in a way to become an integral part of the regular road traffic.”

Although air travel is something that has become ordinary in our every-day lives, a car with the ability to fly would revolutionize the road, hopefully with a positive effect on traffic levels.

The design, which is in the third generation of its craft, is due to be unveiled at the Pioneers Festival in Austria, on October 29th. The only known drawback remaining is that the wings fold into the back seats of the car, meaning road travel would be restricted to the driver and one front-seat passenger.

However, where driving is concerned it seems that the firm haven’t compromised on performance, as demonstrated in their video which says:

‘Aeromobil 3 is stylish, comfortable for both the driver and passenger, and exceptionally combines the performance of a sports car with qualities of an ‘ultralight’.’

Looks like they’re going to have to bring out a new flying license, too!

[via Daily Mail]

Matthew Tomlin | News Cult