Concerns Rise Over Pakistan-India Border Skirmishes

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A heated exchange of pop shots occurred around the village of Spinganar, India located in the Indian-controlled portion of Kashmir which is adjacent to Pakistan’s Punajb Province in the late hours of the night Tuesday, October 7th. Longtime neighbors, this battle between Pakistan and Indian forces is now in its second day, where neither side claim to have provoked the other. These alarming events undermine a long-held ceasefire between India and Pakistan signed back in 2003.

Although just a skirmish, the crossfire killed a Pakistani man and injured at least 22 others. These attacks emanate from a situation of earlier violence that happened Monday which produced nine civilian fatalities. Wild mortar fire is suspected to be the cause for the majority of deaths. Each of the deadly outcomes have angered locals who were observing the Muslim holiday of Eid al-Adha in peace. Worried of things to come, thousands of civilians have begun to ready supplies and evacuate the area.

Pakistani and Indian troops are tense at the moment as both are unsure of where this argument is headed. With the origins to the disagreement unclear, this engagement is an immediate danger to stability of the Indian Subcontinent. Media outlets and the global audience still await a comment on this pressing conflict from Prime Minister Narenda Modi.

Christian Westermann | News Cult