7 Reasons to Do it With the Lights On

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Your electricity bill isn’t going to soar, because you left the lights on for an extra hour (or let’s face it, fifteen minutes). Doing it in the dark is comforting, because you don’t have to suck in your stomach or make eye contact, but you don’t want to get used to it. Having sex with the lights on is way more exhilarating. Here are a few reasons why you should keep it bright tonight, or whenever you’re lucky enough to get laid:

  1. Visual Aid is a Stimulator

Being touched can turn you on enough to do the deed, but wouldn’t you like the stimulation of seeing him? Instead of squinting at his outline in the dark, you can see the tattoos, freckles, and birthmarks that you love. Plus, don’t you want to look into his lustful eyes and watch him bite his lips with sexual frustration? It’s nice to see his reactions to every move you make and every step you take.

  1. It Will Spike Your Confidence

If you’re worried about the weight you’ve gained or the stretch marks you’ve acquired, having sex under lights sounds nightmarish. However, it’ll actually boost your confidence. Once you see how much you turn your man on, you’ll feel like you’re in your prime, and you probably are.

  1. It Leaves No Room for Fantasies

If you’re kissing in the dark, it’s easy for him to fantasize about being with any other woman. All you have to do is flip a light switch, and it’ll make it impossible for him to imagine anyone else. When he opens his eyes, he’ll see your gorgeous face and every inch of the delicious body he’s touching. When he knows he has you, why would he want anyone else?

  1. Sex Could Last Longer

When you’re able to see him clearly, you’ll be able to notice how close he is to finishing. When he’s on the edge, you can stop what you’re doing to tease him. Tell him if he wants you to continue, he’ll have to do something for you first. Making him wait will make his orgasm stronger, and more importantly, will give you the upper hand.

  1. You’ll Become Closer

Besides making your genitals pulse with pleasure, the point of sex is to feel closer to your partner. When you look each other in the eye, you’ll feel a connection that you can’t feel in the dark. You’re together, because you’re crazy about each other. Show it.

  1. It’s a Change of Pace

You don’t want your love life to get boring. If you’ve only had sex in the dark for the last three months, it’s time to switch things up. Have sex in the light of your bedroom, bathroom, or kitchen. Do it wherever you please, as long as you sanitize afterward.

  1. It’ll Make Him Happy

Men love to look at pretty ladies. If you ask him if he’d rather do it with the lights on or off, chances are he’ll tell you he wants the room illuminated. He loves what you look like, so don’t deprive him of his favorite sight.

Your body is smoking, so if your reasoning for keeping the lights on has to do with your insecurity, be brave and let your beauty be seen. Once you do it, you’ll feel way more confident, and you’ll desire to do it again and again.

Holly Riordan | News Cult