Tinashe’s Album ‘Aquarius’ Drops Today, Check Out the Review Here

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Aquarius is the best Janet Jackson album not by Janet. And before you stans come for a writer’s throat, take a second to comprehend the former declaration. There hasn’t been a chick in the game to covet Ms. Jackson’s spot since Ciara, and she lightly brushed the throne with The Evolution. (Beyonce while influenced by Janet isn’t in that lane musically). Tinashe not only exudes Damita Jo in her musical style, she’s almost replicated album construction as well as songs. In a good way though.

(If Janet is too harsh of a comparison, consider a Jhene Aiko and pairing it with the urban sensibility of Ciara.)

The 18-track LP coasts with six-plus minute tracks as well as thoughtful, intricate interludes. Boasting strong janet. and The Velvet Rope influences, Tinashe’s isn’t the strongest vocalist. But the production – lustful and encompassing – draws listeners. The moments created audibly are amazing.

The title track acts as an unofficial intro before rolling into the tribal echoes of “Bet.” A love song stretched beyond its nominal being with gargoyle-ish bellows. “Cold Sweat” sensually bleeds like recent Janet until the closing seconds takes a cue from Velvet Rope’s “You.” And if this interpolation isn’t enough, Tinashe borrows Control’s sex siren for the Future-assisted “How Many Times.”

Hit single “2 On” with its club-ready melody seems a bit out of place, but it doesn’t distract from the collection. “All Hands on Deck” snaps with a Ms. Nasty attitude. And the ASAP Rocky featured “Pretend” is a beautifully-written ballad that follows an interlude that mimics Jackson’s “morning” and “racism”.

The rest of the album is balanced between atmospheric mid-tempo tracks (Far Side of the Moon, Wildfire) and current potential hits (Thug Cry, Feels like Vegas).

Tinashe will never be Janet, but something should be said for the risks taken and executing rather wonderfully. Aquarius is an interesting listen.

Lorin Williams | News Cult