Jaden Smith Release New Hit Single ‘Fast’

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Jaden Smith, son of famous actor Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith, has been on a roll this past week, releasing multiple viral songs in anticipation of his new album, Cool Cafe Vol 2: The Adventures of a Rap Genius.

Last night he released a new song, Blue Ocean, on his sister’s soundcloud page, which instantly became a huge online hit.  The song begins with Smith talking about finding a woman and her “blow dealer” at Coachella, and it’s seven minutes long. Many people gave him feedback, praising him for the openness of feeling in the song, while others considered it a hodgepodge of emotions. The majority of people in his age group liked it.

Not long after, Smith posted another song, Fast, along with a music video. “Battle me that’s your fatality, actually I’m a catastrophe/ Go to your school and they ask for me/ I’m in your class making cash and we fruity like passion is burning like ashes/ We had to just make this ish happen, he rappin’ again, he snappin’ again,” he raps. Directly afterwards he posted to his Twitter:

The tweet automatically spurred rumors of a romantic interest in a Kylie Jenner, and caused some to worry if the song was dedicated or about her. Now, fans are simply enjoying his latest tracks and waiting for the release date of his new album.

Zachery Bridgeman | Newscult