FOX’s ‘Sleepy Hollow’ Continues to Entertain in its Third Episode

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Sleepy Hollow continues to entertain in its third episode. While is predecessor (Gotham) struggles to capture a focus, Hollow steadily builds upon a unique narrative. A new character arrives to shore as our unlikely heroes fight a new foe: each other.

Crane and Abbie face a city turned inside out as Henry reaps havoc on the inhabitants of Sleepy Hollow. A rare coin used to break the deepest loyalties intricately possesses its beholders. First a bank teller takes hostages; then, a young teen murdering his father with a homemade bomb. Crane concludes the coin is of the same strain which bought Jesus’ life for Judas. He witnessed it turn Benedict Arnold against his own country.

Meanwhile Jenny’s revelation of Reyes’ dealings with her mother put a wrench between her and Abbie. Sheriff Reye’s testimony found Mills’ mother unstable and committed. This truth reopens an old wound and Henry sees it as an opportunity to strike. Jenny comes into possession of the coin, revealing her darkest thoughts. Abbie assumes Jenny targets her, but soon realizes she is seeking Sheriff Reyes as her victim.

In a subplot we may have forgotten, Katrina remains with Abraham/the Horsemen/her ex. As his Stockholm syndrome hostage, she seeks to investigate Henry’s plan. She’s also etching doubt into her former lover about Henry’s loyalties. Despite his evil disposition, she reminds Abraham he is still her son forever connected to her.

The battle to save Jenny and Reyes takes Abbie, Ichabod and their new friend Nick Hawley. Abbie laments to Jenny convincing her that killing Reyes will not reveal the truth about their mother. Once distracted, Ichabod subdues Jenny and Nick is able to capture the coin. Stained glass, as of that from a church, is the only material capable of subduing its powers.

Lorin Williams | News Cult