Does “I Love You” Mean Anything in the Bedroom?

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“I love you” should be loaded with meaning, but when someone moans it into your ear, you can’t trust the words. Sex alters areas of our brain, making us spit out certain things and swallow others. If your partner has only told you he loves you while thrusting, but has never uttered the phrase while fully clothed, it could be a lie. Here are a few things that “I love you” could actually mean when it’s blurted out between the sheets:


  1. I Love What You’re Doing

You know how talented you are in the bedroom, so it’s not surprising that you make men speechless. Your partner may try to vocalize how good you’re making him feel with his grunts, but those guttural sounds aren’t enough. No, he needs to find actual words to tell you how amazing you are at doing what you do, but his mind is blank. All that he can think of is, “I love you,” even though he knows it’s inaccurate. He’s just trying to express how much he’s enjoying the moment.


  1. I Love How Sexy You Are

You’re on top of him, and he’s admiring the view, wondering how he landed someone as attractive as you are. He can tell you you’re hot, sexy, and beautiful all he wants, but repetitiveness is boring. It has no place in the bedroom. He needs something new to say, and the first compliment he thinks of contains those three little words. He might not love you, but he sure loves that body.


  1. It’s the Heat of the Moment

It can be difficult to distinguish lust from love. He might tell you he loves you, because he genuinely feels like he does in the moment. Of course, once his erection goes down and his dignity goes back up, he’ll feel differently. It’s not that he was lying to you; he was just confused.


  1. I’m Forced to Say it Back

There’s always pressure to return an “I love you,” but if you say the words to him in the bedroom, there’s extra pressure. If he doesn’t say it back, then the sex might stop, and he wouldn’t want that. He’s not intentionally trying to hurt you. He just wants to finish what he started.


  1. You’re Mine

People get protective over what they think ‘belongs’ to them. Even if he doesn’t want a serious relationship with you, he’ll probably want you all to himself. He might tell you he loves you so you stay with him instead of running off to find someone better. He’s using your emotions to keep you on his leash.


  1. I Love You

Sometimes, men actually mean what they say. If sex feels more like making love than banging, he could be telling the truth. Sleeping with someone can bring out your deepest emotions, so it’s not odd for the first “I love you” to be uttered while he’s inside of you.

Holly Riordan | News Cult