Aziz Ansari Says Blake Lively Would Never Return His Text Messages, Bummer

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Don’t worry Aziz, maybe she just didn’t see them? Or maybe your provider sucks. Either way, the text did happen and they were hilarious. Aziz Ansari revealed in an interview with Howard Stern on Monday, Oct. 6, that he used to text message Blake Lively, and she wouldn’t respond, what a bummer, bro.

According to Us Weekly, the conversation went as follows:

Ansari says, “I was at some event sometime and I had heard Blake Lively was a fan and…we talked for a little while and she was really nice and we started talking about food…and we exchanged phone numbers and I have the text messages I sent with her if you guys want to hear them.”

Ansari then read the first message dated from April 30, 2011, which read: “Hey, it’s Aziz. The Animal dinners are over now unfortunately but I will show you photos from when I went. It was very tasty. Are you going to the Met Ball?”

After getting “no response to that,” Ansari then attempted to contact the Gossip Girl alum at the Met Ball days later. “I see her there, I’m like, ‘Hey, it’s me.’ And she’s bopping around to all these parties and she’s with Karl Lagerfeld so I text her again at 11 o’clock that night and say, ‘Hey it’s Aziz. Please tell Karl he needs to call me, it’s been too long since we bro’d out,'” Ansari said, admitting that again she didn’t respond.

Following the second text, Ansari sent her a third message late at night which read: “I’m going to the Boom Boom Room for that afterparty. Hopefully this is your number? Either way, good seeing you.”

Finally, Ansari said, Ryan Reynold’s baby mama responded saying, “Hey maybe I’ll see you. So weird, Karl was just saying how bummed he was to miss you.”

Ouch, that much have hurt. Sorry, Aziz. We have plenty of girls here that would answer you in a heartbeat.

Gayana Sark | News Cult