Moments When We Need Our Moms the Most

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Finally moving out of your parents’ house is pretty cool. It’s exciting, it’s a little bit scary, and it’s so liberating. Freedom! Some wait many years for that moment; when you’re out on your own, in your own apartment, and can basically do whatever you want to do. At some point, though, there comes a problem. Our moms are no longer around. (Don’t worry, I’m not leaving dads out or disregarding them, but the spotlight for now is on the maternal half of the parental unit.) Mothers can be pretty damn irritating at times, so at first it can seem like a relief to not have someone asking you to do the dishes, or clean your room, or help vacuum. But after some time, it seems a lot less relieving and a lot more depressing to not have a mom nearby. It is, unfortunately, a part of growing up, so you do get used to it (kind of) but there are some particular moments when the seemingly only solution to whatever happens to be going on is our mom.

When we get into a fight with our roommate

This is the worst. It’s so awkward and sad and aside from getting out of the apartment, there’s really nothing you can do until the two of you make up or get over it. This is one of those times it would be nice to have our mom around. When we get into fights with her, it’s really not that big of a deal because she’s the mom and we’re the children and it happens. In five minutes, she will be asking you if you want something from the store and the fight will be over. Plus, you know she’s always going to love you no matter what so it’s not as dramatic and upsetting.

When we break up with our significant other

When you’re heart is hurting this bad, there’s really no one else who can even begin to make you feel like things are ever going to be ok quite like a mom can. She might not understand what happened or know exactly what to say, but just being near her helps. Also, it’s nice knowing that even when you feel like you just lost everything, you still have her.

When we get in trouble at work

Getting yelled at by your boss really sucks, especially if you didn’t really do anything wrong or made an honest mistake. Getting yelled at in general kind of just sucks, period. It’s moments like this when it would be really nice to be able to just go home and cry next to our moms. For some reason, even though probably everyone in the country has been admonished by their superiors at some point, it just seems like she understands the best.

When we are sick

This might have something to do with our brains having just been trained to long for our mothers as soon as we start to come down with something. It could even be innate or biological. Either way, as soon as you get hit with the flu or a killer virus, all you want is your mom around. Not even to take care of you, exactly, but just to be there.

When we have no idea what to do

This adulthood thing is daunting, and occasionally it really seems as if it’s not all it’s cracked up to be. You’re short $100 for rent, you have loan payments you keep forgetting about, and since when did toilet paper, garbage bags, and laundry detergent start costing so much? Not only that, you’re not exactly sure what you’re doing as a career and forget about a life plan, you can barely plan for the upcoming week. It’s horrifying, at times. And those are the times when the need for your mom is possibly the strongest. She has done all of this and more, has handled the things you’re currently struggling with, with ease. You have no idea how she does it, but she does. And no matter what the problem is, she most likely has some way of alleviating the pressure of it or solving it altogether. After all, that’s what moms do.

Kaitlyn Seabury | News Cult