Men and Their Toys: 6 Modern Gadgets You Need Right Now

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As technology progresses and evolves, so does the expanse of products that we as a society can purchase. Nowadays, there is a market for just about anything: if you think it, you can probably search the web and find it. A gadget as a term refers to an almost limitless supply of devices, most of which have a specific function with the aim of simplifying a task or enriching aspects of life. For example, how much time would a tie-rack save in a morning rush after missing your alarm? There are plenty of gadgets that have more flair, and promise more excitement than a tie-rack, however. Which ones are useful and which ones are frankly a waste of time remains to be seen.

I went and had a look on, a website that specialises in electronics and lifestyle products, and picked out these particular gadgets to discuss.

  1. ‘Wireless Eye Massager’ (With Soothing Sounds)

A prime example of what would be described as a ‘luxury item’. Far from practical, this gadget’s function is purely for pleasure (I for one have never had my eyes massaged, and do not have a wish to!) It may have adjustable heat settings, three massage settings and pre-recorded nature sounds (chirping, I would imagine), but at the considerably cost of $129, this one would probably only appeal to the massage fanatics out there.

  1. ‘Password Vault’

As a frequent computer user, I can definitely see the use of this gadget. Shaped like a pager that would easily fit in your pocket, this useful little device is capable of storing up to four hundred usernames, passwords and pins. If hacking is a worry for you, it doesn’t ever connect to the internet, so your information is untouchable. At a more reasonable $59, this gadget serves a practical purpose, and could save you a lot of head space and worry (as long as you don’t forget the pin for it, then you’re screwed.)

  1. ‘Activity and Sleep Tracker’

Focused on monitoring health, this device is practical through-and-through. It uses LED lights to track your level of activity throughout the day, including your sleep time, steps taken, distance traveled and calories burned. It even hooks up to your iPhone or Samsung Galaxy, so you can look at your data and even post it to Facebook or Twitter if you so wish! It’s also waterproof, so you can track your activity in the water if you’re an avid swimmer. $79 seems like a bit of a hit to the wallet for what you get, but if you want to easily look out for your health, this would be ideal.

  1. ‘HD Video Camera Pen’

Fancy yourself as a bit of a James Bond? While this pen won’t tranquilise unknowing targets at the click of a button, it will record high definition videos with sound or take photos (which could arguably be a greater weapon against those you despise). It has a slot for a micro-SD card, and includes an 8GB card which holds 132 hours of voice recording, two hours of video or 20,000 images. There’s also a USB cable included so you can upload data to your computer. The battery lasts for 2 hours, which gives you plenty of time to play secret agent. This mighty tool costs $99, which seems very fair for the utility (and fun) it provides.

  1. ‘Magic Wand Remote Control’

I had doubts about including this, but it does demonstrate the ‘needless’ aspect of some gadgets (that, and the kid in me just couldn’t resist.) While it would be extremely entertaining to change the channel with a wave of your ‘magic’ wand, and while it can remember up to 13 movements that each signify different commands, it’s basically just a remote. It is undoubtedly a toy, and at $89 it doesn’t really seem worth the investment (if I win the lottery, I’m going to buy five.) That, and you would definitely struggle to keep the same channel on TV with children in the house.

  1. ‘Wireless Key Finder’

A more practical pick, and also quite ingenious, this handy device could potentially save you that afternoon you’d spend turning the house upside-down searching for your car keys. It includes three color-coded receivers (two key fobs and a flat receiver for wallets or bags) that you attach to your items. If the items become lost, you simply press the matching button on the wireless transmitter, which will cause the receiver to flash and beep, revealing to you its wherabouts. With a 60’ reach in the home and 90’ outside, your keys will never stay lost again! It costs $49, which is nothing when you think about the time and frustration you could avoid, and the meetings and dinner dates you won’t be kept from!

Of course, there are an almost unlimited number of gadgets out there, and that figure will keep on growing. One thing remains true with pretty much all gadgets, however; they are a luxury. Even if it makes a task easier, the same thing can be accomplished without. That being said, owning such devices can very easily take unneeded stress out of your life, and with Christmas just around the corner, any of the gadgets listed on Sharperimage would make great gifts for a best friend, brother, son or husband!

Matthew Tomlin | News Cult