Everything You Need to Know About Elizabeth Warren

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Watch out, Hilary, there’s another woman in town. Who is she? Her name is Elizabeth Warren and lately she has been getting quite a bit of publicity, mostly because of her views on big banks, the country’s finances, and of course, student loans. The Boston Globe has called her “… the plainspoken voice of people getting crushed by so many predatory lenders and under regulated banks.” This United States Senator from Massachusetts claims to speak for the “common people” and it seems as if she might actually mean it. She’s a straight shooter whose ideas and opinions have some people already whispering presidency rumors. But who is she really and what are the issues for which she stands? Here is a brief synopsis of a woman who has definitely been making an impression in politics as of late.


When Warren was a child, her father suffered a heart attack causing him to lose his job and the family to deal with the weight of medical bills. Her mom was forced to take any job available to help the family get by, and get the children through school. Warren herself started waitressing at the age of thirteen and worked her way into law school. She had her children fairly young, but still managed to graduate. Warren then went on to work as a law professor at Harvard for almost twenty years.

She was the chair of the Congressional Oversight Panel for the Troubled Asset Relief Program, as well as established the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. A lot of her time and energy goes into protecting citizens from the tricks and traps of big banks and large financial organizations.

Warren was elected to the United States Senate in November of 2012.



Elizabeth Warren’s biggest issue is looking out for the taxpayers by fighting the wealthy banks and huge corporations. She has stated, “Financial cops were taken off the beat, and government regulators began to work for those they were supposed to regulate. We fought wars we didn’t pay for, recklessly piling on debt. Powerful companies got subsidies, and ordinary families and small businesses had to pick up the burden. We didn’t repair our roads and bridges, and we cut back on research. We stopped investing in our future.” Her main plan is to give everyone a fair shot- making people and companies who have the money, pay it, while giving the smaller companies who do not have the money, more of a break.


Warren has also addressed the issue of college, and has said that it is imperative for us as a country to start seeing college as a necessary post-high school plan, an “investment for our future.” She has also spoken about education in general and its importance. She has pushed for people to start working alongside teachers, as well as backing more after school and summer programs, lunch programs (for students to get lunch if they cannot afford it) and more community colleges and technical schools. Warren has stressed that college should be affordable for everyone and money should not be a reason young people don’t continue their education after high school.


She has spoken about using renewable energy sources, such as wind, solar, and hydropower in place of oil, gas, and coal. She acknowledges the adverse effects these fuels have on the air and environment, as well as the role they play in climate change.

Marriage Equality:

She supports it! She stands up for equal rights regardless of sexual orientation.


Warren has addressed the fact that nationally women make, on average, less than men and wants to change that. Not only this, but she has made this statement: ‘Women also must have the full range of reproductive health care options available to them. This includes access to contraception, maternity and newborn care, and safe abortion services. At a time when a minority in this country wants to cut off such access for women, it is important to speak out to protect a woman’s right to make decisions about her body.”

Student Loans:

Elizabeth Warren’s stance on student loans is one of the main reasons she caught the attention of the younger percentage of American people. Time Magazine has even called her the “student loan crusader”. She doesn’t think it should be so much trouble for someone who wants to go to school or college to take out a loan, or be able to pay it off. Lately, she has been pushing for a student loan-refinancing bill. “Rising student-loan debt is an economic emergency,” she says. “Forty million people are dealing with $1.2 trillion in outstanding student debt. It’s stopping young people from buying homes, from buying cars and from starting small businesses. We need to take action.” One of these ways of taking action include issuing student loans that have almost no interest rate–the same rate as Wall Street banks receive from the government. She states, “This country invests in tax loopholes for billionaires and forces college students to pay for them through higher interest rates on their loans. That makes no sense at all.”

Kaitlyn Seabury | News Cult