What Exactly is Hong Kong’s ‘Umbrella Revolution’?

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The protest in Hong Kong is a very different kind of protest. The kind of protest that relies of kindness, consideration, love and respect oppose to much hostile.

When someone drops something, many people come running to help. If trash is anywhere, protesters gather to clean. If anyone needed help crossing the highway, ten people would hold your hand and be your support.

Older people who spend time at the demonstration utilize this opportunity by having great discussions with children. Protesters even helped moved barricades to allow emergency services to get through.

The government asked the protesters to be peaceful and not demonstrate hate or violence toward the police. This won’t be a problem since the cops haven’t been around much. Ever since Sunday when the police used tear gas on peaceful protesters, police have given protestors space.

The small police presence is a strategy by the police in hopes the protestors will leave on their own accord. Protestors seem to be showing no signs of moving any time soon.

It seems both the government and protestors are wondering how and when the situation end. Both parties seem dedicated to their cause. Police are wondering when demonstrators will walk away and protestors are worried if police will eventually come back with force. A simply solution doesn’t seem likely.

Two big organizations behind pro-democratic protests, Scholarism and Occupy Central, want the Hong Kong leader to resign right away or more action will occur. Students of Scholarism said they will occupy buildings if the government doesn’t do what they say. Protesters have yet to finalize their next course of action.

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Tamara Williams | News Cult