7 Shows with Gorgeous Leading Men that You Can’t Miss

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If you don’t have a cutie to cuddle with on the couch, you might as well watch one on your television (or, more likely, your laptop). Even though he’s not actually in the room with you, it’s nice to have some eye candy to keep you company. If you haven’t been watching much TV lately, here are some of the shows you need to catch up on that contain some sexy men:

  1. Shameless

Here’s a show about a pretty messed up family that just so happens to contain some gorgeous guys. It airs on Showtime, so you’re going to see every inch of your favorite characters. When they’re not busy screwing, you’ll get to see them screw each other over in the craziest of ways, which means this show isn’t for the easily offended. Each episode is more controversial than the last, so beware.

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  1. True Blood

If you haven’t gotten over the vampire trend yet, you need to watch True Blood. There are plenty of shirtless scenes that will attract even the most skeptical viewer. If you hate waiting a full week to watch a new episode, then this show is meant for you. It already ended, so you can binge the whole damn thing online.

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  1. Sherlock

Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman are quickly climbing the ladder of success, and aren’t going to fall. These two may not strip on your screen or partake in any love scenes, but they’re still sexy while fully clothed. If you’re not into their looks, then their accents should do it for you.

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  1. Arrow

Oliver is a vigilante, which means he spends most of his times showing his strength and working out while shirtless. Even though he’s a tough guy, he’s sentimental—what more could you want from a man? Even though he’s just about as dreamy as it gets, the other characters on the show are equally as attractive. You rarely see that much hotness on one show.

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  1. The Walking Dead

There’s something attractive about a man on a motorcycle, which is why it’s impossible to keep your eyes off of Norman Reedus when he pops on screen. He looks hot, no matter how much dirt and blood he’s covered in. Plus, it’s not often you see a man use a crossbow. Seeing how good he is with his hands will make you wonder how good he is in the bedroom.

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  1. Once Upon a Time

Admit it, as a child, you were attracted to a Disney Prince or two. If you get into Once Upon a Time, those crushes are going to return, except this time, you’ll end up falling in love with Captain Hook. You’ll be surprised at how sexy a ‘villain’ can be.

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  1. New Girl

The hottest men aren’t always the ones with abs, who take their shirts off to get viewers. The three leading men on New Girl are pretty damn sexy, and they can also make us laugh. That’s what you want in a boyfriend, so why wouldn’t you want it on your television?

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There’s nothing wrong from escaping from reality with a little TV break. If you’re going to do so, you might as well treat your eyes with these sexy men. Go on, you deserve it.

Holly Riordan | News Cult