Jovan Belcher Autopsy Report Reveals Murder-Suicide May Have Been Caused by CTE

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Javon Belcher is a name that many may have forgotten since his involvement in one of the NFL’s most horrifying incidents. In 2012, the former Kansas City Chiefs linebacker murdered his girlfriend before also taking his own life. Scans of Belcher’s brain after his death showed that he had Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE) a brain disease that too commonly affects many NFL players.

On December 1, 2012, Belcher under the influence of alcohol shot his wife and mother of their 3-month-old child, Kasandra Perkins before driving to the Chiefs’ team facility and committing suicide in front of his coach Romeo Crennel and General Manger Scott Pioli. CTE is most commonly associated with depression, early onset of dementia and memory loss. Autopsies of other players like Junior Seau who committed suicide also showed signs of CTE. A study done at Boston University around the time of Belcher’s death examined the brains of 34 NFL players, 33 of which showed signs of CTE.

According to an interview with ESPN neurosurgeon Dr. Julian Bailes proclaimed that murder-suicide and other violent acts are not typically associated with CTE. Since more research has been done on head injuries and concussions the NFL has attempted make a violent sport safer for its players. They have changed the rules, decreased the amount of contact in practices and gave retired players more health benefits but now must address the many recent violence scandals in accordance with the findings in the Belcher case. If Roger Goodell and the NFL are truly committed to making the game safer for its players it must conduct further research on CTE and violence. The league is suffering through a nightmare of incidents that have all been violent in nature. If there is a possible reason for all the recent violence that is something the NFL MUST take a deeper look at. Goodell has screwed up many times throughout all of these scandals coming of as liar, weak leader and hypocrite. If Goodell and the NFL want to regain the trust of his players and the forgiveness of the public, conducting research on CTE and violence is imperative.

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