7 Signs You Shouldn’t Sleep With Him

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There’s nothing wrong with having sex with someone, whether it’s out of intense love or impulsive passion. Some women like to keep their chastity belts on until they find The One, while others are comfortable getting intimate with whatever men they can lure in. It’s your own personal decision, but if you’re trying to find a serious boyfriend, you want to choose your partners carefully. Here are some clear-cut signs you shouldn’t let him under your covers if you’re looking for the real deal:

  1. Wont Explain Exes

If he refuses to take an STD test, and won’t even tell you how many women he’s been with in the past, you’re entering dangerous territory. You don’t want to end up with bumps and rashes all over your beautiful body. If you’re going to be in a serious relationship with him, he needs to open up to you. He doesn’t have to tell you if his ex was a dynamo in the sack, but he should at least tell you if she infected his sack.

  1. Pressuring

It’s not his fault for wanting to sleep with a babe like you. It’s normal for him to tell you how badly he wants you, and for him to try to get you alone with him. But if he pressures you too often, or acts like you owe him something for being a decent human being, walk away. You shouldn’t sleep with him out of fright that he’ll leave you if you don’t. He should be grateful to have you, whether or not he gets to see all of you.

  1. He’s a Mystery Man

You can’t get serious without knowing his name. If he keeps basic facts about himself to himself, then something is wrong. If he wanted to be with you, he’d be willing to tell you his entire life story. If he’s avoiding questions about his family or his job, then why should he get the pleasure of seeing you naked?

  1. Only Cares about Sex

Do your hangouts always end in make-out sessions? If the only reason he calls you up is so he can come feel you up, he’s not interested in a relationship. He should be curious about your day, and hoping to brighten it. Sex isn’t the answer to everything, so if he pays more attention to your lips when you’re kissing than when you’re speaking, he’s not worth your time.

  1. Won’t Use Protection

There’s no good reason for not using protection. If he doesn’t have any condoms with him, the store is only a short trip away. If he claims sex feels better without them, then he can choose between having less-than-ideal sex or not having sex at all. It’s all up to him.

  1. You Don’t Trust Him

You need to trust the person you’re sleeping with, because you don’t want him to physically force you into doing something you’re not comfortable with. You don’t want him to tell his friends all about the occasion, either. If you don’t trust him, sex can be more painful than pleasurable.

  1. You Don’t Want it

If you aren’t ready to have sex, don’t have sex. The right guy for you will understand. If he gets angry with you, then he must be more concerned with his genitals than his girlfriend. You don’t need someone like that, so it’s better that you dodged the bullet.

Holly Riordan | News Cult