Windows 9: Leaked Video Shows Start Menu, Virtual Desktops & Cortana

Screen Shot 2014-09-29 at 1.05.06 PM

The video, posted by German tech site WinFuture, shows that Windows 9 will see the return of the Start menu, a popular feature that Microsoft removed from Windows 8 in favor of its Modern UI touch-centric interface. And now, it’s back! It’s also everything we’ve been waiting for.

The operating system, available in preview form in a couple of weeks, also lets users create and run multiple virtual desktops. It’s a feature that has been available for some time on Apple’s Mac OS X and Linux machines. Microsoft can now possibly catch up to what their top competitors are doing.

The capability would be perfect for people who use their laptops for both personal and professional purposes. The video also indicates Microsoft will add its Cortana personal assistant to Windows 9. Currently available only on Windows Phone, Cortana is similar in function to Apple’s Siri technology. Cortana can help users with a range of tasks—from finding a restaurant to driving directions.

Here’s the whole video below: