Why You Should Drop Everything and Follow Your Dreams

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If you are working a nine to five job and wake up every morning dreading going to work, I have one suggestion for you: drop everything and follow your dreams. If you wake up every morning not wanting to go to work then you are not really doing what you love. Why work at a job that will just make you miserable?

Health wise it’s not healthy to work at a place where you don’t feel happy. If you are not fully satisfied emotionally than you need to seriously make a career change. You should give in your two weeks and really think about what you enjoy doing. The only thing that staying at a job that makes you miserable is that it will make you bitter and resentful towards the fact that you know you want to do something else but are not out there actually doing it. Whether it’s starting your own business or traveling the world you need to find a way to make sure you are happy within.

You only have one life and you have to make sure to make the best of it. One of the reasons why I left my previous job was because I dreaded getting up in the morning and going to work. I disliked that feeling because it made me feel depressed. I wasn’t motivated anymore, I gained weight, I was stressed, and I wasn’t happy overall. This is not the person that I want to be and that was not the job that I wanted to spend the next ten years or more working in. So I gave in my two weeks and decided to focus on what I truly enjoyed: acting and writing. At the end of the day acting and writing is what makes me happy and I did not want to waste my life as a receptionist.

So if you secretly dream of a being a race car driver and are working in a cubicle you need to drop everything and follow that dream, because this is the only time that you have to follow that dream. Why waste your time working somewhere where you can’t be fully happy? Might as well live your life to the fullest and fulfill all those dreams that make you happy. Every time I think about this I keep thinking of Drake’s YOLO, and while it gets tiring to hear this word it is very much true. You only live once and you need to take advantage of that and not let it go to waste.

Laysha Duran | News Cult