Why More Women Should Make the First Move

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You don’t have to sit out on your balcony, waiting for a man to come serenade you and ask for your hand. It’s the twenty-first century, so you have just as much power as any guy does. If you see someone you like, ask him out, get his number, or flirt your way into his heart. It’s not his job to approach you. Walk your sexy legs over to him and do the deed yourself. Here are some reasons why you should use the power that’s in your hands:

  1. Get What You Want

If you only talk to the men that approach you, you’re limiting your options. It’s more rewarding to pick out the hottest guy and walk right up to him. If you end up leaving with him, you’ll be proud of yourself for getting the guy you wanted instead of settling for some random dude who had to send over a free drink for you to even notice him.

  1. Saves Time

Think of how much time you’ve wasted staring across the room at an attractive man, hoping he’ll get the hint and walk on over. If you approach him instead, you’ll save yourself a whole lot of trouble. When you flirt with him from far away, you have no idea what’s going through his head, or if he’s even nice enough to date. By approaching him, you can have a conversation right away, and determine if he’s worth your precious time.

  1. Shows Initiative

It takes confidence to talk to a hottie without knowing if he’s the least bit interested in you. By doing so, you’re taking a chance, believing in yourself, and showing your strength. If you let those traits bleed over to your professional life, you could be looking at a raise or a promotion.

  1. He’ll Find it Hot

Some men get sick of always being the one to approach the girl, and facing rejection day after day. He’ll be thrilled that the roles are reversed when you make the first move. The pressure is off of him, so he can be himself, and relax. Not to mention, he’ll find you ten times sexier than you already are.

  1. You’ll Know Now

If you’ve had a crush on the same guy for three years, it’s about time one of you makes a move. If he likes you back, you can begin the baby making. If he doesn’t return your affection, you can finally move on. It’s better for you to find out where he stands than to spend your entire life wondering about what-ifs.

  1. More Experience

The more men you talk to, the easier it’ll be to figure out what you’re looking for in a partner. If you can’t stand the way some men brag about their cars, you have to look for someone modest. If you loved talking to the boy who shared your love of cooking, find yourself a chef. The more you interact with others, the faster you’ll find Mister Right.

It sounds terrifying to approach a total stranger, especially when he’s gorgeous, but your nerves will vanish if you have chemistry. If you don’t, then it’s off to the next one.

Holly Riordan | News Cult