Saturday Night Live Kicked Off Their 40th Season Premiere With a Chris Pratt!

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The late night improv show premiered with Chris Pratt as host and Ariana Grande as the musical performance.

NBC used this kickoff to introduce a lot of new changes on the show including the introduction of a younger cast member, 20-year old Pete Davidson and Michael Che who is now the first black anchor for the Weekend Update replacing Cecily Strong.

Aside from SNL’s new changes, Chris Pratt delivered an outstanding performance. The Guardians of the Galaxy star wasn’t afraid to get down, dirt, wild or crazy! He rocked whatever character he was supposed to be.

In case you missed it here are our top 5 favorite moments from the 40th season premiere of SNL.

  1. Pratt’s intro monologue.

It was great. The star even pulled out a guitar and sang most of the monologue. He talked about being fat and then being skinny to being fat again. Of course he mentioned his love for his wife, “the hottie in the audience,” Anna Faris.

  1. Mock Marvel Trailers

This commercial skit was hilarious. SNL poked fun at Marvel to turning practically anything a superhero and having major success. Who knows maybe next summer the shopping carts will really save the world.

  1. “Booty Rap” Night

We all can have our awkward moments, but in this skit sometimes it’s best to get over your nervousness through rap. Needless to say this turned out pretty epic.

  1. NFL Intros

The NFL has come under fire lately for its handling of players dealing with domestic disputes. Well in classic SNL fashion, they turned a media field day into priceless comedy.

  1. “Bad Boys”

In what was probably the funniest skit of the night, Pratt along with two other SNL cast members, appeared in a 90s sitcom parody. The skit centered on Pratt who got mixed up in the wrong crowd, a group of 13-year-old boys.

Saturday Night Live premieres every Saturday night at 11:30est.

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