What’s Really Going on with Kim Jong Un’s Health?

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CNN reports that in the past three weeks, North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un has not made any public appearances, which include a major state meeting that he has attended every year since his rise to power in late 2011.

At the Supreme People’s Assembly, which is the North Korean parliament and is made up of leaders of the North Korean Communist Party, military, and national organizations, Kim was absent.

KCNA, which is North Korea’s state-run news agency, routinely catalogs the Supreme Leader’s activities and public appearances.  The number of Kim’s public appearances has decreased from 24 in July to 16 in August.  In September, Kim has only made one such appearance.

Although it is unclear as to what occurs in North Korea, the absence of previous supreme leaders from public events in the past provides insights.

In 2008, Kim Jong Il, the previous Supreme Leader of North Korea and father of Kim Jong Un, was severely ill and his absence from major events provoked questions about his health.  U.S. and South Korean intelligence believed Kim the Elder had severe health problems, possibly including a stroke.  He would die three years later in December 2011.

[via CNN]

Michael Rock | News Cult