America Gets Blackish With Family Comedy

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Wednesday night welcomed yet another new show to the fall premiere season. Following ABC’s megahit Modern Family is the family-focused blackish. From executive producers Anthony Anderson and Laurence Fishburne is a comedy of identity in a double-conscious world. Anderson stars as Andre, a husband and father of four who’s accomplishing the American Dream. The only problem is he feels his family may be losing portions of their identity as African Americans as they climb the success ladder.

Instead of trying out for the basketball team, his son rather join the field hockey team. And his youngest isn’t sure if Barack Obama is the first black president or not. He’s even afraid a promotion at work only occurred because he’s black. These questions stir panic in Andre as he enlists foolish attempts to reconnect his family with their prideful roots.

Blackish wins first of all, for being funny. Anderson is great and has good chemistry with show wife Tracee Ellis Ross. The kids are good too with their acting not feeling forced. But most kudos goes to Fishburne who plays the old school Pops, Anderson’s father. His quips feel just like home and have a lot of heart deep inside. Secondly, its able to tackle a real issue in the black community with light-heartedness that isn’t preachy, allowing all audiences to enjoy an American family that just happens to be black.

Lorin Williams | News Cult