Al Walsh’s Week 4 NFL Picks

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Season Record: 7-10-2

Last Night: L (WSH -3)

After a seemingly hot start, an abysmal set of games have me scrambling all over the place to try and turn this around. Everything I thought I knew- trends, coast-to-coast trips and player/team tendencies- have all gone out the window. I’m not sure what I did to the Vegas gods, but let’s hope they’re on my side this Sunday…

INDIANAPOLIS -8 (buy to -7) over Tennessee

If the Titans cover this one, I might move to Cambodia and start selling bananas off the back of a wagon. This team has looked awful in their last two games, and now Jake Locker is going through his yearly period of hurting. If he can’t go, Charlie Whitehurst will be taking the snaps.

The Colts started out 0-2 and look to rebound on that tough start. In those two losses against Denver and Philly, they were right in the game. Regardless of this being a division game, I just see the Colts fully focused on taking names and kicking ass this Sunday.

COLTS 34 Titans 17

GREEN BAY -2 (buy down to -1) over Chicago

The Packers are not out of this race that is the 2014 NFL season. Aaron Rodgers and the rest of his offense have struggled but they have also played intense defensive units (SEA, NYJ, DET)- Eddie Lacy, one of the guys that has particularly struggled thus far, should have a great day running the ball against this Chicago defense.

Speaking of struggling, let’s talk about Jay Cutler- he’s 1-8 in his Chicago career against Green Bay. The Bears just had a big win over the Jets on Monday Night so a bit of a letdown could be in store. I expect it to be a great game, but with Green Bay being victorious at the final horn…

PACKERS 20 Bears 17

NY JETS +2 (buy up to +3) over Detroit

I told myself that I’d try and stay away from lines that are tricky because they have screwed me all year. Well, things I TRY and tell myself and things I DO will often go by the wayside- this is that time today.

A lot of people saw the Jets lose on Monday night and that will stick in their minds. Of course we all think Matt Stafford and Calvin Johnson will tear this Jets’ secondary apart from 1-4pm on Sunday but I’m going to think that this game will be a little closer. The Lions tend to be a Jekyll and Hyde team and we’re not necessarily sure which team we’re going to get each week. I’m going to say Lions win but by a very thin margin.

Lions 24 JETS 23 

SAN FRANCISCO -4.5 (buy down all the way to -3) over Philadelphia

The Niners are a team desperately looking for a win to get them back to .500. The offense has looked uncharacteristically woeful since the second half of the game against the Chicago Bears- with a porous Philly defense coming to town that should change.

I recommend buying the most points you can possibly can in this situation, which is most likely going to be 1.5. Yes, Philly is 3-0 but it’s highly possible they take this one on the chin and head back east to prepare for next week against the Rams. If they don’t, well then Nick Foles can light it up for my fantasy team.

49ERS 31 Eagles 24 

NEW ORLEANS -3 over Dallas

So now I’m going away from my personal preferences and going WITH the team that everyone is jumping on. I think New Orleans is a great team but for some reason on the road they play well under their potential. However, this is a team that hasn’t played well at all this season, home or away. I think Sunday night they come out and blow the doors off of an overachieving Dallas team.

SAINTS 38 Cowboys 24

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