NYPD Officer Slams Pregnant Woman Onto the Ground [VIDEO]

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A video uploaded to the Internet on Tuesday allegedly shows a New York Police Department Officer throwing a pregnant woman to the ground in what many say is the most disturbing video they’ve ever seen. The New York City Police Department is investigating the incident along with the Internal Affairs Bureau.

The video shows a pregnant woman, Sandra Amezquita, interfering in her teenage son’s arrest for allegedly having a knife last Saturday. Amezquita found herself part of a scuffle with officers when she tried to intervene with the arrest and was subdued by police officers by being pushed, belly first, down to the ground.

Jhohan Lemos, 17, was booked for illegal possession of a deadly weapon, harassment and resisting arrest.

Yet again, this video bares the question of whether or not force needs to be used against unarmed individuals. This video, more so than others, really struck people the wrong way because of Amezquita is pregnant.

Watch the video below: