Fall Must Haves: Look of the Week

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Fall excitement for me continues, pulling out all of my favorite Fall clothes feels like shopping! It’s been a year- and the lucky thing about Fall is a good flannel is timeless, like a dope pair of boots and a fabulous coat.

@seek_vitage on insta always throws me such dope ideas to pair with watches. Thanks random instagram personality!

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Coat and top-

This oversized green coat is my next buy. I am obsessed, I’ve seen them blossoming into a fad, and I do not care. I think a good coat makes any outfit edgy. Fall is about layering, and the textures of this coat make your layers pop. I love how the back criss crosses, too awesome. The slightly oversized crop top is great, the salmon color is that splash of color that looks like dying leaves, and it is wonderful and so comfy.


I live for black denim. I have love notes written for black denim… how I love thee black denim, let me count the ways. High waisted, destroyed, and black denim…all in one pair of shorts. These are year round awesomeness. During Fall, throw on some tights with them- or don’t who dresses JUST for weather anyway?


I’ll talk about black denim and Doc Martens infinitely if you let me. They speak for themselves, and people scared to rock them- don’t. Whenever I see a dope pair of Docs I know I’ve met a soulmate in that human too.


This big leather messenger bag is an investment. If you’re carrying things around with you, odds are they’re important. So just get one pretty big, sturdy, beautiful bag to do it all in. I hate being scared I have too much in my bag, the strings are unraveling, strap is ripping off- I carry my laptop everywhere, I want it safe!


For this outfit I have two watches in mind-

Cartier- Roadster. Yellow gold case and buckle. Black lather strap. Super super sexy.


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Hublot- Classic. Black Rubber strap. Two tone gold and stainless steel bezel and case. Classic sleek black dial and golden hands make this watch drool worthy.

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