Why Working Hard in Your Twenties is the Way to Go

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If anyone ever tells you that your twenties are the time to kick back, relax, have fun, and not worry about anything, please do not listen to them. Your twenties are the optimal time to work as hard as you possibly can at everything you can possibly think of. It’s crucial to do it during these years, so you can have even more amazing years once you hit your thirties (but we will get to the thirties another time).

You have the most energy in your twenties. It’s just a natural fact- as we get older, our energy gets less and less, to a certain degree. Think about all the four-year-olds running around with a seemingly endless supply of endurance. You could never do that now. That’s why it’s important to work as hard as you can in your twenties, while you still have a good deal of energy. You’ll have a lot of time to relax later in life; put in some work now.

There is so much to be curious about. Hopefully, in your twenties, the world hasn’t completely let you down yet and you’re still ambitious and interested in a plethora of different things. That’s amazing! Hold on to that, and go out and explore all of these interests as best as you can. It’s OK to be overwhelmed and busy, you can do it, and this is how you find what you truly want to do.

People will give you a little extra leeway, especially potential employers. If someone sees that you have just graduated college or are still in your twenties, they are more likely to overlook or understand the possible lack of experience you have on your resume. This can be completely used to your benefit and this is how you get the experience needed. So apply to as much as you can and know that it’s ok that you don’t have a crazy impressive work background- you’re only in your twenties so it’s fine!

You’re most resilient during this time, particularly physically. Take advantage of this. This is the time where you will be able to work a twelve hour closing shift at a restaurant and be able to get up the next morning and go to your office internship the next day. Yeah, it will suck, but it’s only going to get more difficult to do this type of thing as you get older. Work your exhausted ass off now so hopefully as you get older you won’t have to do this type of thing. All of this will just build character, so by the time you hit your thirties and forties, you will be so evolved as a person that the world will officially be your oyster!

Kaitlyn Seabury | News Cult